Criminal Monitoring

Stay in-the-know

While conducting a background check is a crucial step when hiring a new employee, it doesn’t provide the ongoing monitoring that some businesses and industries require. Alliance 2020’s Criminal Monitoring Service covers you long after the background check and new hire paperwork is completed.

Criminal Monitoring from Alliance 2020 is a robust tool designed for employers who must continually monitor the criminal record status of their employees.


Benefits At-a-Glance

Gain knowledge of employees’ criminal records and activities

Create a safe, transparent workplace

Stay compliant with any contractual or legal obligations

Simple enrollment and pricing structure

Each month, we will run an Alliance 2020 Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Database and National Sex Offender Registry query on the individuals you have specified. If records are discovered, Alliance 2020 will verify the finding and send you a report so you can manage the situation as appropriate.

While helpful for any employer who wishes to maintain a safe and transparent workplace, this service is especially vital for businesses and industries that have a contractual or legal obligation to know the ongoing criminal record status of their employees

Enrollment and pricing for Alliance 2020’s Criminal Monitoring Service is simple

You will have the ability to enroll an employee in the criminal monitoring program within the original report of your new employee. The database will be queried for each employee enrolled for twelve consecutive months, with the ability to enroll again after that time period. If a record is located during the monitoring period, a new report will be created and a new charge will apply.
When a new employee is enrolled, you will be charged an initial fee. Monitoring can be cancelled anytime within the twelve-month monitoring period. No refund is given upon cancellation.


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