Read our customer testimonials. Don’t just take our word for it. See what a few of our customers have to say about our employment background screening services.  Alliance 2020 serves the greater Puget Sound region including Renton, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and surrounding areas in Washington State. However, our services have a nationwide reach as we serve clients across the United States.

Jen | Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority uses Alliance 2020 for our background checks. We have been very pleased with not only the process and how easy and efficient it is but, their customer service as well. They have worked with us to make custom additions to our process and have always completed any and all requests, verification of employment and education in a very timely fashion saving us valuable time here at our office allowing us to focus on what we do best.

Thanks Alliance 2020!

Alex E. | Sprague Pest Solutions

Working with Alliance 2020 helps our organization verify past employment and educational degrees in a timely and professional manner. The turnaround is quick because the professionals at Alliance 2020 respond promptly; and repeatedly contact the employer or institution each day and by multiple means such as by phone, email, and fax. They are well worth the money whether you are calculating Cost Per Hire or the labor hours spent for an hourly or salary employee to do the same work as consistently and honestly as Alliance 2020. You can read the feedback provided during professional reference checks and know within minutes how a candidates reference responded to important pre-employment questions. If nothing else the verification service allows for a consistent and accurate approach to assess individuals in regard to their honesty about past employment and selection when it comes to professional references.

Suzette | Community Health Plan of Washington

I think the number one reason of having Alliance 2020 perform verifications for CHPW is it is a time saver for us. The process is consistent for each candidate. I also appreciate the direct communications from Alliance team members when they find they need additional information or guidance on how to proceed.

Leeann | John L Scott Seattle Northwest

We have been using Alliance 2020 for all our screening needs for over 10 years. Primarily screening applications for tenancy. We can always count on Alliance 2020 for their thorough and prompt screening and there easy to understand reports. Time is always of the essence in our business and its nice to know that our screening company understands this as well. An additional plus is we can always get a real person to answer any questions that might arise from an application. In the world of modern technology it’s nice to have a live person answer the phone.