TPA Services – Drug Screens

TPA Services

What is a TPA?

A TPA is a Third Party Administrator.  In regards to substance abuse testing, the employer is the 1st party and the TPA is a 3rd party…the “2nd party” could be the employee, collection site, lab, MRO, DOT Auditor, other employers, etc.

What does a TPA do?

Generally a TPA provides specific knowledge and experience to work with employers; helping them to ensure their drug testing programs. By taking a look at your program, a TPA can assist you in making sure things are done right the first time.

Alliance 2020 Inc.

Alliance 2020 will provide you with educational and training materials. Employees and supervisors must understand all policies and procedures when it comes to your drug testing programs. Record keeping, quality control and compliance issues are just a few areas we will cover with you. Random testing programs may be implemented to help your company remain a drug free environment.

What can’t a TPA do?

Under DOT regulations, a TPA can’t actually “administer” certain aspects of your substance abuse program.  For example: making a reasonable suspicion determination; receiving test results from the MRO; removing an employee from his/her duties, etc.  The employer is directly responsible for those.  However, a TPA can consult with you, give you advice, review relevant regulations with you, and generally make your job much, much easier.

By working with Alliance 2020 Inc., we will take a good look at what you are doing now vs what will better you as a company regarding your drug testing programs. It is important that the policies and procedures you have written are not only in compliance, but that they are in fact what you should be doing. Reducing liability not only for you as a company, but for the employees in equally important.  In fact, don’t be surprised if there are holes in your current program; this is a common finding upon a solid drug testing program review.

There are so many benefits from choosing Alliance 2020 Inc. to become your Third Party Administrator. Familiarizing us with your current program can only better you as a company. Let us walk beside you and help! Our motto in so many areas of our business is “best practice.” Being on the same page can only make things better. Confusion, chaos and not knowing what you are doing will set up failure – we don’t want that for you!! We have a full drug testing staff; as well as collectors that are on the front line. Training, education and quality control are all important factors. Alliance 2020 Inc. will help you get on track and stay on track!

We are confident you will choose us to partner with you as your TPA. Please email: for someone to reach out to you.