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Keep Your Workplace Safe with Random Drug Testing

Deter drug abuse and protect your employees. We have solutions for both non-DOT and DOT regulated companies.
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Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing is a proven way to deter employee drug abuse. Whether you are required by the DOT to have a federally compliant drug testing program, or simply desire a drug free workplace, Alliance 2020 can help. For over 15 years, we have managed effective drug screening programs.

Employees could pass a pre-employment drug screening but start using drugs after they’re hired. Periodically testing your employees for drugs is ideal to achieving the safest, most efficient workplace possible.

Alliance 2020 has numerous options available when it comes to random drug testing. Our panel options range from 4-12 and both instant (POCT) and lab-based testing is available. We also offer the convenience of onsite drug testing.

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If You Require a DOT Drug Testing Program

We’ll act as your consultant and liaison to ensure your program remains compliant with DOT drug testing regulations. We establish an individual random drug testing consortium for each DOT agency, and monitor them year-round. You will be assigned a program administrator who will work with you to update your employee list, establish the required MIS reports, and answer your program-related questions.

If You Want a Drug Free Workplace

Random drug testing is a great way to help prevent workplace drug abuse. In fact, not many employees need to be tested to significantly reduce drug usage.

Once employees learn they are subject to random drug testing, you should notice an immediate difference. After a few people are selected for testing, drug use will almost surely decrease.

How Random Drug Testing Works

Send us a list of your employees who are subject to testing. If you are DOT regulated, let us know what operating agency you fall under and we’ll handle the rest. If you are not federally mandated, let us know how many employees you want tested, and how often you want them tested. We use our random selection technology to eliminate bias and provide accurate random selections.

Third Party Administration (TPA) Services

As your third-party administrator, Alliance 2020 will review your current random management program and implement changes to streamline it.

It is important that your policies and procedures are efficient and in compliance with DOT regulations. A properly managed drug-testing program reduces liability for both your company and employees. We can provide a complimentary audit of your current drug testing program and identify areas of improvement.

Alliance 2020 offers significant advantages over other TPAs. We have an expansive network of over 10,000 collection sites, allowing for easier scheduling. Our customer service support team is based in Washington and always available to answer questions. Alliance 2020 is a partner you can trust to manage your random drug testing program.

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What Is a TPA & What Does It Do?

A TPA is a Third Party Administrator. In regards to substance abuse testing, the employer is the 1st party. The 2nd party could be the employee, collection site, lab, MRO, DOT Auditor, other employers, etc. Thus, the TPA is the 3rd party.

Generally, a TPA provides specific knowledge and experience to assist employers; helping them to ensure their drug testing program is in compliance. By reviewing your program, a TPA can assist you in ensuring that it meets DOT requirements and is running efficiently.

What Can’t a TPA Do?

Under DOT regulations, a TPA can’t actually “administer” certain aspects of your substance abuse program. For example: making a reasonable suspicion determination, receiving test results from the MRO, removing an employee from their duties, etc. The employer is directly responsible for these tasks.

However, a TPA can consult with you, provide advice, review relevant regulations with you, and make your job significantly easier.

What Does Alliance 2020 Do?

Alliance 2020 can manage your DOT regulated drug testing program for you. We will provide training to show you how to order and navigate our system. We make it easy for employees and supervisors to understand all policies and procedures regarding your drug testing program.

Recordkeeping, quality control, and compliance issues are just a few areas we will cover with you. Random testing programs may be implemented to help your company remain a drug-free workplace.

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