Rapid Rescore

Rapid Rescore Program

The Alliance 2020 Rapid Re-Score program allows our client to work with their borrower attempting to increase their score. Our team will guide you along the way; training you how to use the tools you have at your fingertips to ensure the best results! Once we have the documentation needed, our team simply transmits it to the credit bureau of your choice. Our turn-around time is 3-5 business days. We pride ourselves in offering hands-on training and guidance to help you close the loan!!

How Rapid Rescore Affects Your Credit

How does the program work?

Rapid Re-score may be ordered on-line within the vendor, by email or by fax. Acknowledgment is received and reviewed by our team experts and submission is made to the credit bureau. Once the information is received by the credit bureau, reviewed and updated, they then notify Alliance 2020 of the update. An updated report is retrieved and reviewed with the new score!

What types of credit information can be Rapid Re-scored?

Given a verifiable document from the creditor, our Rapid Re-score Program can:

  • Remove derogatory information and accounts that were reported in error
  • Update an account that has been paid in full and closed
  • Update the status of a collection
  • Update a balance or paid-in-full status
  • Update an account to show that it was included in a bankruptcy

What documentation is required for Rapid Re-Score?

Credit Bureaus require that all documents submitted:

  • MUST be typed on the creditor’s letterhead
  • MUST include the borrowers name
  • MUST come from the creditor reporting the account
  • MUST state specifically how the information should be changed
  • MUST include the date, complete account number, and the name and contact phone number of the creditor

How does the Potential Score Improvement Program work?

Every time you pull a credit report using Alliance 2020, the report is analyzed by our Credit Assure analysis program for potential score improvement.  Results are reported at no charge to you, indicating any potential for score improvement.  If needed or desired, you can use our Credit Analyzer to provide a detailed roadmap to improve your score by correcting items in your credit file.  The Credit Analyzer looks at the information in each bureau file, and makes suggestions relevant to that bureau. If you need to take action to close the loan or get a better rate, your broker can use the economical Rapid Rescore product to make the changes to your file in a 3- to 5-day period, giving you the advantage you need.

Rapid Rescore Form

Download our Rapid Rescore form