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Radio codes should be used in communicating with your dispatcher because:

You should ….

a)    Maintain the same speed as other vehicles on the road, even if everyone is speeding by 10-20 mph
b)    Drive at or as close as possible to the speed limit
c)    Go slow when you are driving a stretch limousine

Why is it important to develop client profiles?

Trips should be mapped out:

When a client asks about your company, you should …

The following documents should be in your glove box:

You are handling a celebrity client and are waiting for her after a performance. You should …

It's OK to occasionally solicit business at the airport from arriving passengers, especially on slow days.

It's OK to drop your professional veneer and just be yourself with your regular clients.

What is the most profitable type of work for most limousine companies?

According to the training video, what percentage of airline passengers use chauffeured vehicles?

It is acceptable to allow a parking attendant or valet to park your vehicle.

If a client starts to use illegal substances in your vehicle, you should:

a)    Ignore the situation and mind your own business.
b)    Tell them nothing illegal can take place and stop the vehicle.
c)    Tell them if they continue, you will have to drop them off at home or the final point.

Your co-workers should be treated …

Which of the following requirements DOES NOT apply to a limousine?

When driving limousines, be careful because:

a)    They require a larger turning radius.
b)     They don't accelerate very fast due to their weight and size.
c)     They can't corner safely and comfortably at speeds over 10 mph.
d)    They require more time and distance to stop due to increased weight.

If there is no time to plan trip route, the best thing to do is ask the client to direct the driving route.

When transporting kids (example: prom bookings), it is better to use first names so they feel more at ease.

You notice that your passengers are engaged in illegal activity in the backseat. You should …

A client directs you to drive a particular route which you already know is less efficient than the one planned. What do you do?

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