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Alliance 2020 | Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports That Provide Full Insight Into Driving Records

We help you retrieve driving record reports quickly. Most results are generated within seconds!
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Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports Made Easy

Alliance 2020 offers electronic Motor Vehicle Reports to those who have a properly executed authorization form and a permissible purpose to obtain the reports. We offer Motor Vehicle Reports to clients nationwide. Ordering the reports is easy and it typically takes less than a minute for records to be returned. Through our platform, you are also able to order reports in bulk. If you ever have a question regarding a report, our customer service team will be available and able to assist. Utilize us for your MVR needs! We’ll save you time and help you be in compliance.

Want to see everything that’s included? View a sample MVR here!

What’s Included in an MVR?

Depending on the state, information reported on MVRs goes back three to seven years. Information on the reports includes but is not limited to:


  • License status
  • Traffic citations
  • DUI convictions
  • Points history
  • Accident reports

Common Reasons for needing an MVR

Employers need to run MVRs on employees for a wide variety of reasons. The most common reasons include:

  • The employee will be regularly operating heavy machinery
  • The employee will be driving on company time
  • The employer has a legal requirement to run an MVR
  • The employer has an insurance requirement to run an MVR

Why Choose Alliance?

Alliance 2020 has provided background screening services, including motor vehicle reports, for over 35 years.

We make the process of obtaining motor vehicle records straightforward and seamless. In addition to obtaining MVRs, we can serve as a one stop shop for all your background screening needs. Let us help you stay in compliance and save time. Give us a call today!

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