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Alliance 2020 | Alliance 2020 Service Center Reviews

Alliance 2020 Service Center Reviews

We're committed to providing excellent customer service. See what our clients have to say about us!
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Our satisfied customers in their own words.

Brandon H.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Very friendly staff, and they were quick to take me in for a walk-in appointment for some ink fingerprints. They were knowledgeable about the form I needed to have filled out and gave me their card and offered to have the prints redone if they were rejected for any reason. Overall was pleasantly surprised and happy I had them done here.

—Brandon H.

B. F.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Awesome service! The techs fingerprinting me were super nice and got me in and out of the door!

—B. F.

Ebrima C.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

The lady who fingerprinted me was nice and respectful. So if you want to do something like fingerprints, I suggest you go there.

—Ebrima C.

Michelle T.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

5/5 Alliance is wonderful. I made an appointment, was in the next day. Staff were friendly and took less than 10 minutes for the whole thing. Thanks so much, guys.

—Michelle T.

Kevin M.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

In and out in 10 mins like the website says!

—Kevin M.

Juan Pablo C.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Great place. I was in and out within 15 minutes for my fingerprints. The place was very clean, and the staff was super friendly. The boy that did my fingerprints had a really fancy watch; they must treat their employees well. A+

—Juan Pablo C.

Cheng L.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Very friendly staff, clean and professional office. Got my fingerprinting done in less than 5 mins. Hassle free. Highly recommend using their service if you ever need it.

—Cheng L.

Letecia R.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Staff here is amazing and very respectful.

—Letecia R.

Calvin T.

Alliance 2020 of Renton

Staff was very nice, helped me with my fingerprints today and was smooth.

—Calvin T.

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