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Alliance 2020 | Social Media Screening Services

Social Media Screening Services

Supplement your background screening program with social media checks. Save time and stay in compliance by working with a trusted partner.
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Social Media Screening Services

Social media checks are an increasingly important component of a comprehensive background screening program. Brand reputation has never been more scrutinized, so making sure your applicant doesn’t have any adverse content on the web is critical. Combined with a criminal records check, verifications, and references, you can rest assured you’re getting greater insight into your candidates.

Many employers currently conduct social media checks without help from their background screening partner. This is risky as it’s difficult to do this objectively. Combing through each candidate’s profile is also a highly time-consuming process. All things considered; this process is best outsourced to a trusted partner.

That’s where Alliance 2020 can help! We leverage AI to search thousands of posts across the major social media platforms as well as online forums. This ensures an objective, efficient and compliant process. While the data on the reports is comprehensive, only publicly available information is used. This helps you stay in compliance and results in a non-intrusive experience for the candidate. Along with AI, each report is analyzed by our FCRA-certified review team. Screenshots of the potential adverse content will also be provided.

Content matching the following categories is flagged:

Drug-Related Images
Explicit/Racy Images
Hate Speech
Insults and Bullying
Obscene Language
Political Speech
Sexual Impropriety
Threat of Violence
Toxic Language
Violent Images

It takes years to build a brand, but only minutes to destroy it. Your business’ reputation is more important now than ever and social media screening is one of the best ways to protect it. With all the data scattered across the web and the potential for compliance issues, it’s best not to go at it alone. We’re here to be your partner and protect both your brand and your workplace.

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