Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Alliance 2020 provides screening for the entire spectrum of residential and commercial purposes. Our capabilities include meeting the screening needs for managers of apartment complexes, property owners and property management companies. We provide screening services to private landlords as well.

Tenant Background Check

Without this information, it would be easy for a bad tenant to take advantage of you. In fact, problem tenants often know more about rental tenant background checks than a new landlord. Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself, and your property.

Rental applicants come from all sorts of unique backgrounds and circumstances. Many aren’t perfect, but they make good tenants just the same. However some candidates are less than honest, and a landlord must spot them quickly to avoid problems down the road. Learn to spot risky applicants quickly by recognizing these tenant screening red flags.

Tenant background checks protect your rental property investment against renters who try to hide red flags in their rental background.

We understand that when you decide whom to rent to you are making an important decision. We have developed one of the simplest, most efficient and easily customized online applications in the industry. The work flow is not only user friendly on every level, our tenant screening support staff provides outstanding individualized customer service. Additionally, Alliance 2020 can integrate our platform with your property management system.

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