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Alliance 2020 | Private Landlords

Tenant Background Screening for Private Landlords

The SureRent 2020 program from Alliance 2020 provides private landlords the tools to make informed decisions.
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The SureRent 2020 Program for Private Landlords

It is poor advice to judge a book by its cover. We recommend a proper program for scrutinizing the background of prospective tenants. The SureRent 2020 program from Alliance 2020 provides private landlords with the tools to make informed decisions.

From application and consent forms to screening packages and products through our SureRent 2020 program, Alliance 2020 has you covered. We will assist you in getting understandable results.

If you choose, the cost of an applicant background check can be passed along to the applicant.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Chauffeur Credential

Bryan, you and Alliance 2020 really got after our rental check. Wow. Samantha’s info came in before noon yesterday and Matt’s was back before 8 am this morning. You have always been our go-to firm for private landlord screening and when we needed an expedited review you and your crew really came through. Thank you for your always prompt, professional, and, this time, expedited service.

Stan L.

What’s Included in Our Tenant Background Checks?

Under the law, whether you have one prospect or several, you have the right to evaluate the following:

  • Identity
  • Credit worthiness
  • Criminal background (7 year scope, where applicable)
  • Sex offender status
  • Eviction history (4 years)
  • Employment history (up to 2 years)
  • Past residential history (up to 2 years)

A SureRent 2020 report, from Alliance 2020, provides information in all of these areas. A trusted source generates the report based on the applicant’s name. We then search in concert with other identifiers such as date of birth and Social Security Number (SSN). Once you receive the information, you can use it to make an objective evaluation of whether you want the prospect as a tenant.

When you establish an individual landlord/roommate screening account with Alliance 2020, you have access to two powerful screening reports to assist you in selecting a tenant. Your reports are fully compliant with state and federal law, are securely stored online and are available to you 24 hours a day.

How to Order a Background Check

Our online application allows you to send an email to your applicant which will contain a hyperlink to your online application. This allows your applicant to give us their information securely online.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

Screening to determine suitability for residency is strictly regulated by both federal and state laws. Non-compliance with these laws can result in civil and criminal penalties. All of our SureRent landlords must comply with the “due diligence” process by submitting an application for services. This process is designed to ensure that you are a legitimate landlord with a rental unit and that you will safeguard private, personal information. If we cannot establish your identity we will not be able to provide service to you.

The first step in the process is to view Alliance 2020’s service agreement.
This can be viewed and signed online with an electronic signature.

We go through multiple steps to prove your identity and establish your legitimate need for screening services. As a result, it usually takes about one business day to set up your account.

We will request the following items from you as part of our due diligence process:

  • Readable copy of your state-issued ID or drivers’ license
  • A list of addresses of your rental units or properties

If Alliance 2020 is unable to verify that you own the property listed on the application, we may call or email to request a copy of the property deed or other proof of ownership of the residential unit you are renting/leasing.

There is a one time fee of $65.00 which will be charged to the credit card provided on your online application. Upon approval, you will be sent an email with your username and password to our online system.

You can login to view your background reports on your tenants. Instructions for using our website will be sent to your email address.

By clicking the button below, you signify that you understand the information on this page and agree to continue the setup process.

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