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A Partner You Can Trust

Alliance 2020 is the leading background screening provider in Washington.
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Unmatched Excellence Since 1987

Alliance 2020 was founded in 1987 by Brad and Kathy Faulkes, with a primary focus on tenant screening background checks. We later expanded into multiple business sectors focusing on products and services directly related to background screening. Today our suite of products includes employment screening, tenant screening, drug testing, fingerprinting, credentialing, and much more.

Alliance 2020 stands by its core values which include:
  • Always Best Value
  • Service You Can Trust
  • Absolute Integrity
  • A Customer-First Partnership
  • Using Technology to Deliver Best Value
  • Resolve Problems by Taking Ownership

Today Alliance 2020 is recognized as the leading background screening provider in Washington state. Additionally, Alliance 2020 was one of the first credit reporting agencies to be accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). We are also founding members of the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA) and PBSA.

Our history is one of quality, achievement, and expansion to meet market conditions and client needs; a tradition that continues to this day. We want to thank you for being part of the Alliance 2020 family and look forward to a lasting partnership.

304 Main Ave S. #101, Renton, WA 98057 | 425.271.8065 |

Drug Testing
Meet the Team

We’d love for you to meet the staff behind Alliance 2020.

National Accreditation
Accreditation provides a seal of quality and a series of high standards.
Other services

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Other services
Start your career at Alliance 2020. Grow your skills and make an impact!

Core Values

Our core values are continually instilled into all of our employees. We believe in and work very hard to ensure every employee understands our values and implements them daily.

Always Best Value

At Alliance 2020, we are committed to delivering the best value possible. From the products we provide, attention to detail, extensive knowledge, commitment to quality, rapid turnaround times and our level of service.

Absolute Integrity
Every Alliance 2020 staff member is committed to acting with absolute integrity. As a firm, and as individuals, we act in a manner that respects you and your clients, and values your goals.
Using Technology to Deliver Quality, Efficiency and Value

Since our inception in 1987, Alliance 2020 has embraced technology to meet the needs of our customers. We were one of the first firms of our kind to become fully automated. To this day, we are constantly upgrading our capabilities to provide better service, security, and deliverables. We continually seek to create more streamlined processes and tools to assist you in meeting your goals to make your job easier.

Service You Can Trust
In the information age, trust is a valuable commodity. At Alliance 2020, we are committed to providing dependable service that leads to a relationship of trust.
A Customer-First Partnership

We are in business to meet your goals and put you first. Each Alliance staff member is personally committed to making sure that your needs are understood.

Directly Resolve Problems by Taking Ownership

Each Alliance 2020 staff member is trained and empowered to take ownership of any issue and directly provide a resolution. If the staff member you speak to cannot immediately provide a solution, answer your question or resolve your problem, he or she will quickly refer the matter to their immediate supervisor who will provide a resolution.

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