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Alliance 2020 | Cannabis Detection Kits

Cannabis Detection Kits

Alliance 2020 is partnered with SwabTek to provide cannabis detection kits
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Cannabis Detection Kits

Need to test for the presence of cannabis outside of the body? Alliance 2020 is partnered with SwabTek to provide cannabis detection kits, allowing you to do just that.

Whether you’re an individual, business or law enforcement agency, we can help! SwabTek cannabis detection kits are swabs that allow you to test for cannabis on and inside a variety of substances. This includes suspected paraphernalia such as vape pens, bongs and pipes as well as powders, pills and edibles.

These are presumptive tests only, not designed to test with evidential certainty. These tests cannot and should not be used to replace a full lab analysis of a sample. Presumptive tests cannot be used to assert the legality of a substance or to consider a substance safe to consume. For full product information, view below:

To purchase, please visit any one of our five service centers in Washington. We have locations in Renton, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Wenatchee. More information about our service centers can be found here.

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Instructions and product manuals can be found here SwabTek Resources Homepage.

PDF download THC Product Manual Download

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