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Enhancing Hiring Processes with International Background Screening Services

International background checks are essential for verifying the qualifications of potential hires who have international experience.

Enhancing Hiring Processes with International Background Screening Services

ARTICLE BY: Dylan Henderson

In today’s globalized workforce, it’s increasingly common for job candidates to have lived or worked abroad. For employers, ensuring these candidates meet your standards requires comprehensive international background checks. At Alliance 2020, we specialize in providing thorough and reliable background screening services across over 190 countries.

Why Run International Background Checks?

International background checks are essential for verifying the integrity and qualifications of potential hires who have international experience. By conducting these screenings, employers can gain insight into a candidate’s criminal history, education, employment history, professional licenses, driving records, financial standing, and any involvement in debarment or watchlists specific to different countries.

Our Comprehensive Screening Process

Conducting international background checks involves navigating complex and varied legal landscapes. Our team of experienced researchers at Alliance 2020 is well-versed in these challenges and ensures the highest quality reports. We customize our services to meet your specific needs, providing accurate and detailed information to support informed hiring decisions.

The process typically includes:

  • Criminal Searches: Checking for any criminal records or legal issues.
  • Education and Employment Verifications: Confirming academic credentials and work history.
  • Professional Licenses and Driving Records: Validating licenses and driving histories.
  • Financial and Credit History: Assessing financial responsibility and stability.
  • Country-specific Watchlists: Identifying any associations with prohibited or restricted entities, if applicable.

Efficient and Timely Reporting

The timeline for completing an international background check can vary based on the country’s regulations and responsiveness. Generally, reports are ready within two to ten days for cooperative countries. However, in regions with stringent privacy laws or less transparency, it might take several weeks or months. Throughout the process, Alliance 2020 keeps you updated on the progress and any potential delays.

Why Choose Alliance 2020?

With over 35 years of experience in background screening, Alliance 2020 stands out for its dedication to accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Our researchers are highly trained to handle the intricacies of international background checks, ensuring you receive reliable and comprehensive reports. We prioritize keeping our clients informed and provide exceptional support to address any questions or concerns.


For employers seeking to hire candidates with international backgrounds, Alliance 2020 offers the expertise and resources needed to conduct thorough and efficient background checks. Our services help you make informed hiring decisions, ensuring your team is composed of trustworthy and qualified individuals.

To learn more about our international background screening services, click here and discover how we can support your global hiring needs.

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