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Now Available: Social Media Screening Services

Alliance 2020 is now offering social media screening as an option available among our employment screening services.
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Now Available: Social Media Screening Services

ARTICLE BY: Elise Anderson

Alliance 2020 is now offering social media screening as an option available among our employment screening services. As we transition into an era dominated by social media, it’s important to consider the online presence of your employees.

Social media screening is similar to screening an employee’s personal references during the hiring process. It allows you as an employer to see a glimpse of a candidate’s character and whether their public content aligns with your organization’s values or poses a risk to your business’s reputation.

About Social Media Screening

Social media background checks add an additional layer to the employment screening process that can give you more than what’s listed on a resume. It provides greater insights about the person behind the facade, as well as a more three-dimensional understanding of a candidate’s “true self.”

Our social media screening service flags content that’s inappropriate and dangerous. Flagged content includes the following: demonstrations with intent of racial intolerance, acts that are violent in nature or harmful, inappropriate sexual conduct, and illegal activities. It’s important to check that your candidate hasn’t posted content that could reflect poorly on your company or signal a risk to the safety of your employees.


Instead of spending hours searching through a candidate’s social media history, we utilize AI to search thousands of posts across major platforms and forums. Reports include screenshots of any potentially inappropriate content for you to view as an employer. Viewing only flagged posts will save you a substantial amount of time.

The AI system automatically filters through an extensive amount of content, flagging only certain posts which meet the filtering requirements. When furnishing the report, our FCRA-certified review team personally reviews the flagged content to verify its relevance and categorization. Alliance 2020 takes care of all the work and the process for you.

Keeping Compliant

Many employers choose to conduct social media checks on their applicants without the help of a trusted background screening partner. Unfortunately, this runs a high risk of compliance violations and legal controversies.

A noteworthy aspect of this screening service is that only publicly available information is reported. This aids in maintaining a certain level of privacy for the candidate and staying in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Reports go through a rigorous quality review process before being provided to the end-user.

It’s crucial to tread the landscape of social media screening very carefully. The image of your organization relies on the employees who represent your company. Learn more about our social media screening services here and get started today!

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