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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus rapidly spreads across the globe, it’s critical to stay aware of the latest information and preventative measures provided by public health authorities.…

5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus

ARTICLE BY: Dylan Henderson

As the coronavirus rapidly spreads across the globe, it’s critical to stay aware of the latest information and preventative measures provided by public health authorities. While we wait for medical experts to develop a vaccination, many individuals are resorting to extreme measures. As a result, economic markets are tanking and global supply chains are being interrupted. Government officials are now warning of a pandemic.

Officials confirmed nearly 90,000 cases of the virus resulting in more than 3,000 deaths. However, reports relentlessly increase by the hour. Fortunately, not all instances of the coronavirus prove to be fatal. Taking basic protective measures can reduce the spread of this disease. Here are the five tips you can take to protect both you and your workplace against the coronavirus.

1. Frequent Hand Washing

Washing your hands with soap and water is paramount to protecting yourself against the coronavirus. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and lather them thoroughly to kill viruses and bacteria. Make a point to wash your hands continuously throughout the day, but it’s especially critical before eating.

2. Avoid Close Contact

Keep at least three feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. If you inhale the airborne droplets that result from bodily fluids, you are at high risk of infection. The most prominent reason the coronavirus is so difficult to contain is due to how easily it spreads. As a precautionary measure, avoid being around those who show symptoms of the illness.

3. Stay Home/Visit a Doctor When Sick

If you feel unwell, stay home instead of going to work or out in public. If you are showing symptoms of the illness, visit a doctor. Symptoms include a fever, difficulty breathing, and coughing. Granted, these are symptoms of the common flu as well. In these times, it is best to exercise caution. If your condition persists after 24-48 hours, you should see a doctor. For those exhibiting symptoms, wear a face mask in public settings to prevent airborne droplets from reaching others.

4. Disinfect Frequently Touched Objects

Washing your hands is important. You should also keep in mind though that harmful bacteria can also reside on household and everyday objects, including your phone. Periodically disinfect any surfaces you frequently touch. Regardless of whether you wash your hands first, avoid using your phone while eating. Viruses can easily spread from your phone to your food, further putting you at risk. We recommend using cleaning products such as Lysol or Clorox.

5. Avoid Touching Face

If viruses get on your hands, they can potentially enter your body by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. We advise you to limit unnecessary face contact. This, in combination with the tips above, can help significantly protect you from contracting the coronavirus.

It’s crucial to understand the gravity and seriousness of the coronavirus disease. Following these steps will help minimize the likelihood of contracting the virus. For employers, if any of your employees show signs of illness, promptly send them home in order to protect others from infection. If working from home is practical, consider allowing your employees to do so. Following these basic precautions will maximize you and your employee’s safety.

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