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Alliance 2020 | Tenant Screening

Tenant Background Screening Services

Alliance 2020 helps you minimize the risk of renting to problematic tenants and decrease rental income loss.
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Tenant Screening Services

Avoid the risk of expensive evictions and property damage by thoroughly screening your applicants.

You want peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing an applicant that is trustworthy, will pay their rent on time, be considerate of your property, other tenants and neighbors and treat your rental investment responsibly.

Alliance 2020 is PBSA accredited and provides screening for the entire spectrum of residential and commercial purposes. Our capabilities include meeting the screening needs for managers of apartment complexes, property owners, and property management companies. We provide screening services to private landlords as well.

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Why Run Tenant Background Checks?

Without running tenant background checks, it would be easy for a bad tenant to take advantage of you. In fact, problem tenants often know more about rental tenant background checks than a new landlord.

Rental applicants come from all sorts of unique backgrounds and circumstances. Many aren’t perfect, but they make good tenants just the same. However some candidates are less than honest, and a landlord must spot them to avoid problems down the road.

We have developed one of the simplest, most efficient, and easily customizable online applications in the industry. The workflow is not only user friendly on every level, our tenant screening support staff provides outstanding individualized customer service.

Click here to read about our National Criminal Database Coverage

Tenant Screening for Property Management Companies
Tenant Screening for Private Landlords

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