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Verification Services

Verifying information on your applicant is an important component of the background screening process. Our verifications team is here to help.
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Verification Services You Can Rely On

Verifications for pre-employment screenings are a process to ensure the accuracy and integrity of an applicant. Studies have found that over 50% of resumes contain at least one falsification. Looking at only criminal history can lead you to miss a red flag somewhere else. Verifications allow you to get a more insightful picture of an applicant’s true qualifications and work performance.

We provide several types of verifications, including the following:

  • Employment Verifications
  • Education Verifications
  • Professional License Verifications
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Personal Reference Checks

Employment Verifications

Employment Verifications are crucial in confirming the validity of an applicant’s current and former work history. An employment verification asks a limited set of questions pertaining to applicant’s employment history. Many companies are advised by their lawyers to restrict answers about past employees to simply verifying the dates of employment and last job title when asked for references. Some employers, especially larger organizations contract with third-party verification services. In this case, we will verify employment directly with them. We will make five attempts to verify the employment.

Education Verifications

Education Verifications provide insight into the integrity of the individual and verifies that an individual has the education required for the position. Verified educational claims may protect an employer from a negligent hiring claim in instances where negligence is directly related to the educational background of an employee.

The educational institution’s Registrar Office that issued the degree or certificate is contacted for an Education Verification. Many educational institutions use a trusted third-party verification service. If the institution uses such this service, they are contacted.

Professional License Verifications

A professional license verification verifies the validity of claimed certifications or professional licenses. It involves a direct inquiry with the federal, state, or local repository with licensing authority of the applicant’s disclosed occupation or professional certification. Licensing data varies by repository/authority, but generally consists of license status, date of original/renewed license and relevant administrative and/or disciplinary sanctions.

Professional Reference Verifications

A professional reference is given by a person who can vouch for an applicant’s qualifications relating to a prospective job. This is typically a former employer or supervisor, colleague, client, or teacher of an individual. Professional reference questions will typically ask the individual about job performance, work ethic, attendance, attitude on the job, and ability to work with others. We have a standard question set, but this can be customized to meet your needs.

Personal Reference Verifications

A personal reference, also known as a character reference, is a reference provided by an individual who knows the applicant and can vouch for the person’s characteristics and abilities. Different from a professional reference, a personal reference usually originates from a friend or acquaintance of an applicant but can also come from someone in a more professional role and relation as well. The questions asked in this type of reference differentiate from a professional reference in that these questions do not usually pertain to the applicant’s actual job performance, but rather who they are as a person, and how they are perceived by their peers. Similar to professional reference verifications, we have a standard, but customizable, question set.

Pre-employment verifications offer the following benefits:

Improve the quality of new hires
Improve safety and security
Improve compliance and best hiring practices
Decrease negligent hiring risks
Decrease employee Turnover

Reasons to work with Alliance 2020 for your verification needs:

Improve the quality of new hires

Screening companies that offer these services usually have a streamlined process to reduce turnaround times, by having direct contacts for many large employers and third party verification services. Third party verification services can require creating accounts, special forms, and additional fees.

Ensure accuracy

Those trained specifically in verifications know which departments to contact in order to verify information directly. This ensures accurate and unbiased data is collected.

Ensure consistency

By utilizing a screening company, you can ensure all verifications are obtained the same way, collecting the same types of data. This reduces liability for the employer.

For over 35 years, Alliance 2020 has helped employers gain greater insight into their candidates through verifications. Contact us today to learn more or to get started!

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