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Should You Rescreen Employees or Volunteers?

There are several reasons why organizations are opting to rescreen, and the motives certainly have merit. Here are a few rescreening facts to get your…

Should You Rescreen Employees or Volunteers?

ARTICLE BY: Alliance 2020

You’ve made background screening your employees or volunteers a non-negotiable step in the hiring process. You want the most qualified, safe, and motivated individuals working at your organization. But have you considered rescreening them periodically? While not mandatory for all industries, rescreening has seen an increase in popularity in recent years.

There are several reasons why organizations are opting to rescreen, and the motives certainly have merit. Here are a few rescreening facts to get your questions answered and a conversation started:

How does rescreening work?

There are a few different types of rescreening that can take place, and we can tailor the screening to your needs. In any screening performed at pre-designated intervals or by request, we can look for criminal activity, driving incidents, sanctions that occurred after the employee was hired, and more.

How often does rescreening occur?

At Alliance 2020, the client can fully customize all aspects of their background checks, so the timing is up to them. The healthcare and transportation organizations, financial institutions or other highly regulated, high-risk industries often opt for more frequent rescreening. Lower-risk industries may select less frequent checks. We can make personalized recommendations regarding frequency based on your unique organization, industry, risk threshold, and budget.

What are the benefits of rescreening?

There are many benefits of rescreening your employees and volunteers:


Knowing your employees’ ongoing criminal activity (or hopefully, lack thereof) can give you the information you need to keep your business safe. After all, there will be more than 10 million arrests made in the United States this year—you want to know if any of them are your employees or volunteers.


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, crime may be a factor in as many as 30% of business failures. From violence to theft, rescreening can help negate this risk.


Rescreening can give you crucial information about employees that will help drive business decisions. There are growing instances in organizations where candidates, upon hire, participate in misconducts that can damper the working environment, having an adverse impact on the employees working in the organization. By rescreening current employees, organizations will keep the workplace free from employee theft and potential violence and overall support a happier employee base!

Talk to Alliance 2020 about rescreening. We can explain all the details and make recommendations so you can make the best rescreening decisions going forward.

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