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Supply Chain Shortages Affecting Drug Test Collections

Supply chain shortages continue to impact the nation and nearly every industry feels its effects in some way.

Supply Chain Shortages Affecting Drug Test Collections

ARTICLE BY: Elise Anderson

Supply chain shortages continue to impact the nation and nearly every industry feels its effects in some way. The drug testing and DOT-regulated sectors are no exception. With multiple supply chain issues and shortages, employers are finding it difficult to get their employees drug tested.

Materials Shortage

The plastic supply chain depends heavily on polyethylene and polypropylene as elements for the production of equipment and materials. However, due to COVID-19, many products that require plastic are in high demand. Plastic production is being focused mainly on single-use products and personal protective equipment in the efforts against COVID.

Unfortunately, plastic is also necessary to produce collection cups used by drug testing facilities. With the demand for plastic rising and the supply stagnating, many testing facilities lack the supplies needed to perform the tests. This results in employers being unable to fulfill pre-employment and random drug testing requirements.

Staffing Shortages

This multifaceted issue goes beyond just material shortages. Throughout the entire supply chain, a labor shortage exists. Many production facilities, delivery services and even labs themselves are operating below capacity, reducing the availability of drug testing services. Some labs which are understaffed have chosen to shift their focus to performing medical services, discontinuing drug test collections altogether. This reduces the number of available clinics employers can send their employees to and further exacerbates the problem.

Impact On Employers

A domino effect is taking place. The supply and demand imbalance of plastic is causing an inability to produce the collection cups. This along with labor shortages is causing an inability for employers to maintain proper drug testing programs. All of this ultimately causes the inability of employers to maintain normal business operations.

Going Forward

As of February 2022, the situation appears to be slowly improving. It may take months if not years, however, for things to completely return to normal. Alliance 2020 is continually monitoring the situation and keeping our clients informed. For questions about drug testing availability in your area, please contact us at

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