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Tips For A Successful ATS Integration

It’s no secret that hiring managers and recruiting specialists rely heavily on applicant management systems in the hiring process. Companies are looking for programs that…

Tips For A Successful ATS Integration

ARTICLE BY: Sarah McCormick

It’s no secret that hiring managers and recruiting specialists rely heavily on applicant management systems in the hiring process. Companies are looking for programs that are easy to use, customizable, and affordable. Meanwhile, applicants want an easy, mobile-friendly process.

The need for dependable HR processes is even more evident given the current state of the working class. The role of HR professionals has never been more demanding. They are responsible for keeping their companies operational, caring for employees, and overseeing return-to-work efforts. The key is to have your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrated with your background screening provider. Here are the key benefits of integrating your ATS.

User Experience & Data Entry

The most important aspect of an ATS integration is the positive impact that it has on candidate experience. In an increasingly tight labor market, employers must ensure that they respect the time and effort of their applicants. When a company has a standalone ATS and a separate background screening process, applicants often receive multiple requests to fill out documents with similar information on them because the two systems do not communicate with one another.

When candidates must enter the same information repeatedly in different systems, it increases the likelihood of errors and causes frustration for all parties involved. As a result, integration solves this redundancy as it connects your ATS with your background check provider. Additionally, this streamlines the information needed to generate the background check report.

Built-in Compliance

The rules, regulations, and laws governing the background screening process evolve rapidly and vary from state to state. It can be extremely difficult for an HR department – especially an overworked or understaffed one – to keep up.  Organizations may face lawsuits if applications and disclosures are not up to date.

With an ATS integration, an accredited background screening company (who specializes in FCRA regulations) works with you to make sure all required documents in the screening process are up to date and in compliance with local and federal laws.

Increased HR Efficiency

With an ATS integration, the hiring process as a whole can streamline and provide end-to-end views of the screening process for the hiring manager. Those who are utilizing an integration platform will not have to jump back and forth from one system to another in order to view the screening results.

This provides greater transparency and a better overview of the status of a candidate. Ultimately, this grants an opportunity to measure and evaluate analytics for your organization’s HR processes, and allows recruiters to shift their focus on advertising open positions and talent acquisition. Learn about the integrations Alliance 2020 offers here.

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