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Background Check Basics: An Easy Guide to Volunteer Screening

Background check basics require conducting standard volunteer background checks to reveal whether someone’s history makes them as suitable for the job.

Background Check Basics: An Easy Guide to Volunteer Screening

ARTICLE BY: Alliance 2020

If you’re not already screening your volunteers, it’s time to start. Background check basics means conducting standard background checks to reveal whether someone’s history makes them as suitable for a job as they claim to be. The word “volunteer” generally connotes a wholesome, well-intentioned individual. Unfortunately, the reality proves that not every volunteer meets that ideal.

Why does it matter?

Extra precautions are even more important when work involves vulnerable populations. This includes youth, elderly, disabled, and otherwise socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. If you serve any of these groups (and anyone in general), a lack of proper screening can turn into a huge liability and a real nightmare.

How do I prevent it?

Compliance is a key factor to protecting the people you serve. Is your company complying with applicable volunteer laws? Although no federal or state law explicitly states that all volunteers must go through the background screening process, legal regulations still exist to protect the safety of at-risk groups.

Am I in compliance?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that nonprofit organizations staffed by volunteers in any way must abide by background check regulations the same as every other employee. Organizations outside of this regulation (i.e. for profit agencies) typically establish policies of their own in place of the FCRA. Some states require background checks beyond the scope of the FCRA. State or government-funded agencies such as schools and nursing homes are particularly inclined to establish additional screening requirements.

What’s the next step?

Staying compliant with volunteer specific screening regulations is the background check basics extra step you need to take. Alliance 2020 understands the importance of this, so we take the extra step for you. We make the process as fast, easy, and accurate as possible. You can customize reports depending on what information you need with an average of a 24-hour turnaround.

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