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What’s Killing The Cannabis Industry?

Weeds will spread quickly if not caught soon enough. Employee theft practices are similar, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Approximately 90% of insurance…

What’s Killing The Cannabis Industry?

ARTICLE BY: Sarah McCormick

Weeds will spread quickly if not caught soon enough. Employee theft practices are similar, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Approximately 90% of insurance claims in the United States cannabis industry involve some aspect of theft. This is true across the entire industry, from minor grow operations to commercial enterprises.

The underlying issue with these claims is that unless an offense is on camera, companies are often unable to prove which employees are involved due to the number of staff with access to insider information. Examples include knowledge of passwords, door codes, camera locations, or stock information. Below are some of the most important ways to combat internal theft, and how effective background screening lays the foundation for building a dependable, trustworthy team.

Choose a Candidate Who Shares Your Values

Estimates state that one third of Americans have some kind of criminal record. As a result, employers will likely face the decision of whether or not to hire an applicant with criminal history. It’s important to look at the whole picture when making a hiring decision.

More specifically, a comprehensive background report combined with a structured interview process. Just because someone has a record doesn’t mean they won’t be a good fit for the job. With that being said, employers shouldn’t be hesitant to ask for clarification on an offense. They should also be sure that their background screening company is available for any questions regarding results, disputes, and compliance matters.

Cultivate a Strong Company Culture

While it’s necessary to take appropriate security measures with cameras, cultivating a strong company culture is also a crucial aspect of a business’s success. Make your employees feel at home. Establish an environment of trust and employee value. Fair pay and good benefits can contribute to an employee’s sense of value as well.

Theft is more likely to occur when employees feel they lack respect or value. Another aspect of company culture to monitor is the turnover rate. High turnover rates don’t allow your team time to establish workplace relationships. Without building those positive connections, it’s easier for employees to fall into an “it’s just a job” or “short-term mentality” view. The less your employee cares about the company, the more likely they are to feel comfortable stealing from it.

So, what is killing the cannabis industry? Employee theft. Luckily, there are ways to counter this problem. At Alliance 2020 we provide comprehensive employment screening services. Our reports will help you choose the right candidate to help your cannabusiness succeed. Located in the Seattle area, we serve the greater Puget Sound and Washington State, making us easily accessible to local companies as well as nationwide.

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