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Chauffeur Credentialing - Testing and Training

Alliance 2020 provides chauffeur credentialing to limousine drivers and for-hire cars working out of SeaTac airport.
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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Chauffeur Credentialing Requirements

Our chauffeur credentialing is a program offered between Alliance 2020 and the Port of Seattle.

To obtain credentials through Alliance 2020 for entering the airport property to pick up clients, all of the following must be completed with qualifying results:


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Chauffeur Credential

To start the credentialing process with Alliance 2020, please contact our credentialing coordinator at or call (425) 433-8807.

Chauffeur Knowledge Test

You will have 25 minutes to complete this 20 question multiple choice test. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to pass.

Upon submission of your test, you will be able to compare your answers with the correct answers before you leave the test page.

Your test score will be sent to the e-mail you provide. Alliance 2020 will receive electronic notification of your Chauffeur Knowledge Test completion.

NSC’s Defensive Driving Course & Test

The National Safety Council’s mission is safety. Click below to register for and purchase the Defensive Driving training course.

  • Choose Individual (training for myself or my family) or Organization
  • Select DDC Online, 4-hour

The Defensive Driving course will culminate in a test that must be passed for full course completion. Send the certificate of completion to or bring a physical copy into our Renton office.

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