Chauffeur Credentials- Training And Testing

Chauffeur Credentialing Requirements

To obtain credentials as a limousine driver, the following must be completed:

  • The Knowledge Test
  • The National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Test

Both exams must be passed in order to qualify.

See below to find how to gain access to the training materials and knowledge you will need to pass these tests.

Once you successfully pass both exams, send the proof of completion documentation for both tests to the Alliance 2020 office at in order to demonstrate your mastery of the material  and obtain your well-earned chauffeur credentials. Alliance 2020 will follow up with further instructions.

Knowledge Test

This test must be passed to obtain your chauffeur credentials.

You will have 25 minutes to complete this 20 question multiple choice test. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to pass. The driver's license number you provide on your exam will match you to your test score and will be validated when you arrive at our office for your fingerprinting and drug test.

Upon submission of your test, you will be able to compare your answers with the correct answers before you leave the test page.

Your test score and further instructions will be sent to the e-mail you provide on your exam. Alliance 2020 will receive  electronic notification of exam completion.

Defensive Driving Course & Test

The National Safety Council's Defensive Driving training course must be completed in order to obtain your chauffeur credentials. This course is 4 hours long and can be purchased through the National Safety Council website.

Said course will culminate in a test that must be passed for full course completion. A picture or snapshot taken of a completed exam page can be used as proof of completion (see here for instructions on taking screenshots from your computer). E-mail proof of exam completion to to fulfill requirements.

Click the button below to register your information and purchase the Defensive Driving training course.

The Ultimate Chauffeur Training Videos

Prepare for the Knowledge Test by viewing the two-part video series- "The Ultimate Chauffeur Training Video Program" by Tom Mazza. These videos will give you all the information you need to pass the Knowledge Test and become a qualified driver. These videos are about 80 minutes long and are viewable with an updated browser or the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player.

Your employer may have these videos available for you to view for free. Check to see if these videos are available through your employer. Otherwise, both videos can be accessed through Alliance 2020 with $20 payable by credit card or Paypal account.