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Alliance 2020 | Chauffeur Credentialing

Chauffeur Credentialing Recognized by the Port of Seattle

Alliance 2020 provides background screening and credentialing for chauffeurs accessing Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
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SeaTac International Airport Chauffeur Credentialing

Alliance 2020 provides background screening and credentialing for chauffeurs accessing Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

All for-hire “town car” style vehicles entering airport property to pick up clients for pre-arranged service are required by the Port of Seattle to either have a King County for-hire license or chauffeur credentials.

Our program includes online training for chauffeurs and instructions for successful completion of the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course program.

New Driver Application

Begin a new limousine and town car driver application

Renewal Application

2-year renewal limousine and town car driver application

DOT Physical Exam

Schedule your DOT physical exam through Alliance 2020

Training and Testing

Drivers click here for training and testing information

Limousine & Town Car Agreement

To receive the Limousine & Town Car Agreement please email the Credentialing Manager, Minna, at or call 425-433-8807.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to be a limousine driver in Washington State?

A limousine carrier must keep on file and make available for inspection proof that each chauffeur:

  • Is at least 21 years of age
  • Holds a valid Washington State Driver License
  • Has passed an initial test and is participating in a random drug testing program
  • Has a satisfactory driving record
  • Completed and passed the four (or more) hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving (NSCDD) course
  • Has results of a background check of the chauffeur performed by the Washington State Patrol
  • Has a DOT medical certificate certifying the individual’s fitness to be a chauffeur (a new exam and medical certificate is required every 2 years)
How long does it take from start to finish to become a new driver?

The process typically takes 48-72 hours. All of the following must be completed with qualifying results:

  • Criminal Background Check (this may take longer if you’ve resided outside of WA)
  • Standard 5-Panel Drug Screen
  • Knowledge Test

You must also provide the following:

  • Copy of Valid WA State Driver’s License
  • Copy of Valid DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • Defensive Driving Course Completion Certificate
How often do I have to renew my chauffeur credentials?

Chauffeur credentials must be renewed every two years. You must complete a criminal background check with qualifying results to renew your credentials. You must also provide a copy of the following:

  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License
  • Valid DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate
    How do I submit a new driver / two-year renewal order?

    We will provide you with an online link. Fill out the information on the new driver / renewal application and attach the required documents. An invoice for payment will be sent to you once the application is received.

    I just moved to Washington State. Can I get credentialed with an outside of Washington State driver’s license?

    No, you must have a WA State driver’s license to be credentialed through Alliance 2020.

    I don’t know how to get my DOT physical exam done, where should I go?

    You can order a DOT physical exam through Alliance 2020 or utilize your own physician. The physician used must be DOT approved.

    My medical card is expiring soon. Can I renew today or do I need a new medical card?

    ​You can renew today. The only requirement for renewal is that your DOT medical card is valid at the time of renewal. WAC 308-83-140 requires that your DOT medical card be renewed every two years.

    I have my own company. How can I sign up?

    Please email us at and we can get you signed up. Documents needed are:

    • WA State Driver’s License
    • WA State Business License with either a Limousine Carrier Endorsement or Limousine Vehicles Endorsement
    Do I have to participate in a random drug testing program?

    Yes, per RCW 46.72A.090, every limo driver must be enrolled in a random drug testing program.

    How do I know if a random drug test is due?

    Our credentialing department will send out an email notice and text message regarding random drug screening. You will have 2 days to provide a urine sample under Alliance 2020’s laboratory account.

    How often are random selections done?

    Random selections are pulled quarterly. The random percentage follows the DOT FMCSA annual percentage. Drug screens are spread out evenly throughout the quarter.

    Do I have to pay for the random drug screen?

    Yes, the payment is the responsibility of the driver / or employer if the employer agrees. Alliance 2020 manages the random drug testing program, but the program does not include the collection and laboratory cost.

    I failed a drug screen previously. How can I get my credentials back?

    A disqualification remains in effect until you undergo a drug and alcohol assessment by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Once the SAP provides completion paperwork to Alliance 2020, the reinstatement package can be ordered.

    I have a credential through Alliance 2020 but am changing my employer. Can you print the new employer’s name on the credential?

    No, credentials cannot be transferred between companies. The new driver application process must be started. Conversely, if you were credentialed by another credentialing company and are now working for a company that uses Alliance 2020, you will also need to be recredentialed.

    I have a criminal record. Where can I review the disqualifying charges?

    Please see WAC 308-83-150 for disqualifying charges for chauffeurs.

    Verify Credentials

    Verify a driver’s credential issued by Alliance 2020


    For inquiries, contact

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